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Wild Clay and Recycled Glass Planter- Earth Dome

Wild Clay and Recycled Glass Planter- Earth Dome

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Cultivate your house plants in a sustainable work of art! This planter is made out of a mix of wild clays sustainably sourced and harvested. Coffees mixed into the clay body give the pot its porous texture. Rescued green glass bottles make beautiful streaks and drips in the blazing kiln. This consciously crafted planter is great for medium house plants and succulents and has drainage holes. 

This work is part of a series called: Conscious Oddments. Work consists of discarded materials designed for the presently human home & the future oceanic home. The upcoming generation to inherit these objects could be our underwater neighbors due to marine pollution and rising sea levels.

5.5" x 5.5" x 8" (includes. .5" foot)

constructed in the studio by artist Carmen Jimenez. Contact artist for commission requests and follow @carmenmakesthings on Instagram.

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