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Sustain Sea Shore Planter- Wet Sand

Sustain Sea Shore Planter- Wet Sand

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Sandy layers of seashells, glass bits, fossils, and pottery shards decorate the surface of this planter. The clay body is a mix of discarded clay found in the communal studio where Carmen makes. Coffee grounds are mixed into the clay which burn out in the kiln and leave behind a porous and lightweight surface. The amber glaze is a custom mix of post-consumer materials: part wood ash from a local pizzeria, part milled glass bottles, part locally harvested clay. My favorite detail is the clay barnacle feet at the bottom surrounding the drainage hole!

This work is part of a series called: Conscious Oddments. Work consists of discarded materials designed for the presently human home & the future oceanic home. The upcoming generation to inherit these objects could be our underwater neighbors due to marine pollution and rising sea levels.

6" x 6" x 6"

constructed in the studio by artist Carmen Jimenez. Contact artist for commission requests and follow @carmenmakesthings on Instagram.

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